My name is Kim Miller-Davis and I designed this website for my English 1301 & 1302 students-past, present, and future.  However, I welcome anyone who has an interest in composition, grammar, or literature to use it.


  • The purpose of this site is to act as a supplement to the textbook and class materials.   For most beginning college students, analytical reading and argumentative writing are often the hardest skills to master.  Yet, they are, without doubt, the most necessary skills for success in college.

  • The guidelines and templates found throughout the website are for your use in developing and structuring essays.  Feel free to use them throughout your collegiate careers, but please do not forget that many of them are suggestions and guidelines, not rules. If a subsequent teacher requires something different, you will have to make the necessary adjustments.  

  • Although this is true for the composition areas, it is not necessarily true for the MLA or grammar sections. Unless specified, the grammar documents DO contain hard rules. If you find something that you do not understand, or with which you disagree, please e-mail me or ask me about it in class.

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Although I am encouraging you to use anything on the website to help you improve your reading and writing skills, I also want to remind you that it is only for your use as a student. I am the developer of all written material on this website (unless otherwise noted), as well as the photographs. They are my property and are not public domain. Using any part or combination of parts of anything on here without explicit permission is considered stealing. Don't do it.


The Exception to the Rule: Many of these pages contain clip art that I downloaded from Google. I tried to ensure that each of those images were in the public domain and not subject to any copyright laws. If you are aware that any of those images are under
copyright protection, please let me know immediately so that I can take the appropriate action.  I take all forms of plagiarism and academic theft very seriously.



I wish you the best of luck this semester as well as throughout your collegiate and professional careers. More importantly, I hope that during your time with me, you will discover the joy, beauty, and power of the written word.


And finally, may your new appreciation become a long-lasting devotion that continues to bring you endless opportunities and possibilites wherever life may take you,



KimberlyE . Miller-Davis


January 2012

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